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This headline is terrifying to me!  It stems from a situation at Rochester Adams High School involving 31 students – all 16 or younger – where several teens took pictures of a female teen – also under 16 – engaged in a sexual act; the photos were taken without her knowledge. That was bad enough – then they shared the photos with all their friends, who also shared them.  You get the picture. See local news coverage HERE.

As the leader of a trade association focused on increasing the use of mobile technologies, you might think that my next statement is an unusual position to take, but I feel it is a necessary one. In my opinion, as an industry, we must help parents come up with some sort of an evaluation tool to help them determine if their teens are utilizing mobile devices responsibly – before they do something which can adversely impact the rest of their lives.

Until that tool has been achieved, to me the next best thing is to work with parent groups (such as PTA’s) to train them to effectively ensure that their teens and young adults are fully aware of the adverse results of inappropriate use of these devices, and then for parents to implement consequences for irresponsible use.

It is imperative that parents stress to their children that mobile devices are not to be used for:

  • bullying
  • sexting
  • texting while driving

or any other irresponsible use. Parents must become educated on the many ways technologies are being used by teens so they can effectively monitor their use and ensure that the devices are being used according the family morals and values that are being taught at home. They must also become aware of the legal implications of those irresponsible actions. I think it unlikely that any of those Rochester Adams High teens – or their parents – ever thought that there was a possibility that they could be looking at 10 years+ in prison because of an action they took with their mobile device.

We all know, teens as a whole don’t tend to think about the long-term implications of the actions they take. Therefore it is up to the adults in their lives to help them understand the potential results of irresponsible actions in an effort to prevent them.

The Mobile Technology Association of Michigan (MTAM) would like to assist in this effort and if any parent groups are interested in hosting a speaker on this topic, please contact us. We will work with you to make a speaker available to provide information that will help parents feel confident that they are doing everything they can to ensure their children are using mobile technologies responsibly. If this is of interest, please reach out to us at or complete the speaker request form on our website.


Linda Daichendt is the Executive Director of the Mobile Technology Association of Michigan, a Co-founder of Mobile Monday Michigan, a Co-host/Co-producer of the international mobile marketing podcast series, ‘The Mobile Marketing Review’ and a Co-host of the ‘This Week in Small Business Technology’ podcast series on the Michigan Business Network. She is also a Board Member for the Michigan STEM Partnership.

Linda is an accomplished marketer and award-winning blogger, and one of Michigan’s leading proponents of the use of mobile technologies for businesses of all sizes – and in all verticals. She is a recognized business expert with 20+ years of corporate, small business and franchising experience.

A 14-year resident of her adopted home state of Michigan, Linda’s daily focus is on educating Michigan business, government and education stakeholders about the opportunities that mobile/wireless technologies provide to substantially grow Michigan’s economy, as well as insuring the ability for all Michigan residents to benefit from the jobs and businesses created by mobile/wireless technologies.