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Michigan Mobile Musings – the MTAM Podcast


Testing Tomorrow’s Automated Vehicles Today at CAAT Conference 2018

Smart City/Mobility Expert Carla Bailo on CAAT Conference and Mobility

TiECon Detroit Mobility Competition

STEM Career Showcase at Technology in Motion (TIM) Detroit 2017

STEM Careers in Michigan – an Opportunity for the State’s Economy

Detroit.Code() Professional Software Conference

Ann Arbor Health Hacks Weekend: Removing Barriers to Healthcare

Tech Innovation for the Environment; Erie Hack Winner – Micro Buoy

Michigan’s First High School Hack-a-thon – nHacks

Erie Hack Finalist: Purily – Incentivizing Water Conservation

Hacking Health Windsor-Detroit III

CAAT Conference: “Driverless Cars, but What is Driving the Workforce?”

Erie Hack 2017: Innovation for our Great Lake

MTAM podcast: SPLT, Lyft partner for reliable medical appointment transportation

Ford’s ‘Go Detroit Challenge’ a competition to build apps to help Detroit

Self-driving vehicle laws and Michigan’s leadership in the industry

TiE20 Winner, HAAS Alert – An Entrepreneur’s Journey in Connected Transportation

TiE20 Winners; Ash & Anvil an Giggso LLC – Sharing Their Startup Journeys

Micro App Development vs. Traditional App Development

Troy Chamber of Commerce Hosts “Gone Digital” Marketing Conference for Small Biz

Mobility Transformation, Maximizing Small Business Opportunities

TiECon Midwest Conference Explores Global Connectivity

TiECon Midwest Conference Explores Financial Technology (FinTech)

Spectrum Health MedNow – Telehealth – Care Right Where You Are

Exploring the Role of Entrepreneurs in Connected Tech at TiECon Midwest 2016

Who is MTAM and What Do We Mean by Mobile/Wireless & Connected Technologies?

Connected Vehicle Professional 1 – MTAM Ambassadors Share Their Experience

The Debut of the Automobility: Reimagining Transportation 2016 Conference

Startup: DRIVE – Detroit

How Does Focus on IoT & Autonomous Vehicles Impact Training, Hiring Needs in Michigan

A Vision for STEM in Michigan

MTAM Talent Exchange Powered by Workfountain

MTAM’s New Website Showcases Michigan’s Use of Connected Tech Across Industries

Poke’mon GO – Risks and Opportunities

What Did Apple Announce at WWDC 2016?

What Consumers Want from Automotive

Mobile App Bootcamp for Non-tech Entrepreneurs – West Michigan

The Detroit Iron Yard – Talent Solution Demo Day

Cloudtech1 – Cost Effective IT Management Solutions

Are you ready for the connectivity revolution?

NextChallenge: Smart Cities – a connected tech competition for urban areas

ITS America and Mobile Comply showcase the ‘next generation workforce’ in mobility

A Mobile App Bootcamp for Non-tech Entrepreneurs – Ann Arbor

Cyber-security; across the board how much is it truly an issue?

MTAM Collaborates with USDOT on Connected Transportation Virtual Trade Show

Hacking Health Windsor Detroit Breaks Down Barriers to Healthcare Innovation

Canada-US Health IT Innovation Summit in Detroit

An inside view of Michigan’s Mobile Technology Association from it’s Ambassadors

Tangerine Mobile – Using Location to Answer Complex Questions

Mutually Human shares the experience of building the “Batman v Superman” app

Michigan reaps the benefit of the “Batman v Superman” excitement

A Mobile App Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs – Lansing

Security Innovation discusses cyber threat protection for all industries on ‘Michigan Mobile Musings’ podcast

Online ‘Connected Vehicle’ Course Discussed by Mobile Comply CEO; Why the Industry Needs It

Washtenaw Community College – Addressing the Workforce Challenges of Connected Vehicles and Intelligent Transportation Systems

Optomi: Driving Tomorrow’s Technology with Today’s Optimum Talent

Periscope, the next great mobile marketing tool?

Mobile/Wireless Employment Training Opportunities for Farm Workers via Telamon

Pinterest, social media and mobile devices

Secret to developing and marketing winning mobile apps with Incipia

Just back from CES – Paul Jacobs of jacAPPS shares his experience

Does your wireless plan donate to your favorite charity monthly?

Can your firm benefit from an R&D tax credit for using wireless tech?

Developer Conferences – How to Stand Out

Are you going to the world’s 1st IoT Virtual Conference & Exhibition?

Building the New Mobility Economy

Keith Brophy of MI-SBDC discusses upcoming ‘Mobile App Bootcamp for Non-tech Entrepreneurs’

Achieving Automation, Functional Safety and Efficiency in Commercial Vehicles

Event Planning in the Digital Age

DASH 3.0 and The Connected Car

Beacons, and Bluetooth Low Energy technology for consumer rewards

It’s an App World After All – Whether for Local Communities or Transportation

Proximity Sensors – Beacons – What They Are and How They Work

Michigan Startup, Coupon Wallet – from Beta to Paying Customers

Connect Michigan brings government, education and technology leaders together for improved economy

Enhance Event and Conference Attendees Experience with Mousetrap Mobile

Mobile Monday Lansing is Back and Better Than Ever!

MICHauto’s Glenn Stevens discusses upcoming MICHauto Summit, auto industry tech jobs, the Connected Vehicle industry and more

mCommerce with Logic Solutions continued

Latest ‘Michigan Mobile Musings’ podcast from MTAM features the team from Logic Solutions discussing mCommerce

Nuvuz Sports: Bridging the gap between sports venues & technology

New Devices, New Form Factors = ‘App Everywhere’

Mobile/Wireless Tech is Creating Significant Economic Growth in Michigan

Excellence: Online Teamwork, Social Media and the Impact of Mobile/Wireless

Apple Watch – Necessity or Meh?

Rocket Fiber: Internet 100 Times Faster

Women: How to Succeed in the Mobile/Wireless Industry

Spud Software – More than Just Software

Internet of Things (IoT) & the Security Challenges We Face

An Exploration of Opportunity: Women in Mobile/Wireless Tech

RF Connect – Setting the Standard in Wireless and Mobile Solutions

Connected Vehicle; Hype or Happening?

Pixo Group – If You Can Imagine It, We Can Create It

Windsor-Detroit Hacking Health: 2 Countries, 2 Industries – health and tech

NextWave: Incubator, Accelerator & BOOT – What Differentiates Them from Others?

Mobile Health: Industry Needs & the Resulting Mobile/Wireless Opportunities

Can One Mobile App Change the Movie-going Experience?

Can Beacon Technology Build your Business?

Business Transactions Transformed by the Internet & Mobile/Wireless Technologies

The Mobile Explosion: The Impact for You, Your Business & Michigan’s Economy

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