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MTAM-LogoThe Mobile Technology Association of Michigan (MTAM) is a non-profit trade association for Michigan’s mobile/wireless technologies, the providers of these technologies, and the users of these technologies – in every industry. We are the first state-based mobile/wireless technologies trade association in the U.S., and our mission is:

  • to facilitate conversation/collaboration between varied sectors of the mobile/wireless eco-system; serve as a bridge to enable diverse organizations to understand each others perspectives and needs in order to drive new innovation and opportunities involving these technologies;
  • to increase the use of, and demand for, Michigan-based mobile/wireless technology products and services in-state, nationally and globally;
  • to increase the productivity and profitability of every industry vertical in Michigan via the use of these technologies;
  • to create sustainable jobs and increased entrepreneurial opportunities in the state based on the use of these technologies, thereby achieving substantial growth of Michigan’s economy;
  • and to help the communities we serve via the use of these technologies.

We are also the statewide producer of Mobile Monday Michigan – a mobile/wireless industry networking and education organization which is a branch of the international Mobile Monday organization based in Finland. Here in Michigan we currently have 4 chapters (Detroit, Ann Arbor, Lansing and Grand Rapids) with over 2900 members statewide.

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